Name:                Sainte Ni Touche Limite

Alkoholgehalt:     8.3 %

Bierstil:               Oak Aged

Einheit:               0.75l Flasche

Brauerei:            Trois Dammes


This limited version comes from one of our favorite barrels, barrel 130, that was filled in December 2016 and bottled Oktober 2017. 

This beer undergoes an incredible metamorphosis. Beginning its life as a double IPA, Sainte Ni Touche is aged in barrels with our house yeast culture until it emerges months or years later as a strong and sour version of Bière de Garde. The result possesses little of the bitterness and aromatic hop qualities that defined it prior to aging in oak. Hand blended and including beer up to 3 years old – it is a beer transformed.

Trois Dames Limité Sainte Ni Touche

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