Name:                Fluxus

Alkoholgehalt:     5,3 %

Bierstil:               Saison

Einheit:               0,33 l Einwegflasche

Brauerei:            Trois Dames (St. Croix, Schweiz)


Fluxus is a blended saison born of barrel aged sour beer and fresh saison. Transformed by wild yeast and bacteria and accented with Australian Vic Secret hops, this blend is a reliably hoppy companion for the everyday. Drink with eyes closed and mind open.

This is the second beer in the Panta Rhei series, created by Trois Dames brewer, Jordan Keeper. Panta Rhei refers to the philosopher Heraclitus’ idea that everything flows or that the only constant in the world is change. These beers are ever evolving in barrels, bottles, and kegs.

Trois Dames Fluxus

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