Name:                Closer Glimpse

Alkoholgehalt:     5,6 %

Bierstil:               Lambic inspired

Einheit:               0,75l Mehrwegflasche

Brauerei:            The Veil Brewing Co. (Richmond, USA)


The Veil:

Closer Glimpse is a blend of 19 month and 28 month old spontaneously fermented, Lambic-inspired ale, then bottle conditioned for 9 months. It was brewed using a traditional turbid mash process, aged leaf hops, an extended boil, then naturally cooled and inoculated in our koelschip, and barrel-fermented and aged. No yeast is ever pitched to create these batches, and we bottle condition using only the cultures present in the beer from the koelschip. Closer Glimpse is a step towards our goal of creating a Gueuze-inspired 1, 2, and 3 year blend produced right here in Virginia. Very complex, reminiscent of Lambic, musky fruit, cheesy hops with the perfect acid profile.

The Veil Closer Glimpse

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