Name:               Kraft Lager

Alkoholgehalt:    5.00 %

Bierstil:               Pilsner

Einheit:               0,44 l Einwegdose

Brauerei:            Tanker Brewery (Jüri, Harjumaa Estonia)


Tanker Kraft Lager is a beautifully drinkable beer that is enjoyable all the time, especially for thirsty brewers after a hard day of work. With 5% ABV, it’s a crisp and highly drinkable Pils. We used traditional floor malted pilsner from Czech Republic for malt complexity and a mix of noble and American hops to make our Czech style Pilsner with the signature Tanker hoppy and vibrant flavors. Cheers!

Tanker Kraft Lager

CHF 6.50 Standardpreis
CHF 2.60Sonderpreis