Name:               Beach Boudoir MHD 15.12.20

Alkoholgehalt:    4.60 %

Bierstil:               Sour Kveik Ale

Einheit:               0,44 l Einwegdose

Brauerei:            Tanker Brewery (Jüri, Harjumaa Estonia) / Kakola Brewing


Imagine this: A mild summer evening at the Tanker Beach Boudoir. Scarcely towel-covered bodies chilling on the deck after a relaxing sauna. A pleasant breeze whistling past, gently caressing your hair and carrying scents of fruits and perfume-y flowers while you sip a cool drink with your loved one and watch as the boudoir's linen curtains slowly move with the wind. Now imagine that feeling as a beer. That's it. That's this beer. Brewed with our dear friends from Kakolan Panimo. 

Tanker / Kakola - Beach Boudoir MHD 15.12.20

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