Name:               Medium Dry Cider

Alkoholgehalt:    5,5 %

Bierstil:               Cider

Einheit:               0,5 l Einwegflasche

Brauerei:            Nohoval Drinks Company (Nohoval, Irland)


The first, and our most popular Irish craft cider was born out of a lengthy study and appreciation of other Celtic cider producers in Wales and Brittany.

Inspired by the full bodied fruitiness of the medium dry and sweet ciders of these regions, Finnbarra Medium Dry consists of 3 ciders, drawn from Dabinett, Michelin and Elstar/Falstaff varietals.

It has a mild effervescence and strong apple aroma. The high content of eating apples brings a strong golden hue colour. On the pallet there is an initial burst of flavour carrying through to a smooth astringency.

Stonewell Medium Dry Cider

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