Name:                Rustic On the Mountain

Alkoholgehalt:     6,2 %

Bierstil:               American IPA

Einheit:               0,44l Einwegdose

Brauerei:            Polly's Brew Co. (Manchester, England)


Proving that we can pick up names for our beers at any given opportunity; Rustic was named for the description of a bar in rural Wales Arron happened upon whilst scouting for new business. Stumbling over his words whilst describing the look of the place ended up birthing the perfect name for a piney, hoppy IPA. With us being unashamedly quite vocal about our love of hybridising classic West Coast IPAs here at Polly’s, the old school bite in the beers we grew up loving is on display in this beer, with resinous punchy hops melding with new school haze.

Polly`s - Rustic On the Mountain

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