Name:                Black Lager

Alkoholgehalt:     4.2 %

Bierstil:               Black Lager

Einheit:               0,44 l Einwegdose

Brauerei:            North Brewing Co. (Leeds, England) & Donzoko


Brewed with the crowned Prince of UK lager brewing; Donzoko we bring you a Dark Lager to warm you in these cold winter months. Pilsner malt makes a light and sweet body whilst Vienna and Cara malts provide subtle bitterness and red berry coffee flavour. An addition of German Mittelfrüh hops accentuate that fruity coffee element and whisk subtle liquorice flavours across your nose and tongue at the same time giving you little dry finish. Keep safe and keep warm.

North / Donzoko - Black Lager

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