Name:                Old Engine Oil

Alkoholgehalt:     9,0 %

Bierstil:               Imperial Porter

Einheit:               0,33 l Einwegflasche

Brauerei:             Harviestoun Brewery (Alva, Scotland)


We brewed this after feedback from the USA suggested the abv of our original Old Engine Oil (6%) was too low for their tastes… So we created this intensely flavoured but incredibly smooth 9% brew especially for them! NOT AVAILABLE IN THE UK.

Heavily-scented chocolate aroma with loads of roast malt and dark fruit. An incredibly thick, creamy mouthfeel. Loads of chocolate flavours, some coffee and a sweet, fruity note to boot. There’s some alcohol in there (it is 9% abv after all!) but instead of being a separate element, it elegantly ties all the complex flavours together. This is Old Engine Oil turned up to 11 in every way.

HOPS: Galena, East Kent Goldings, Fuggles

MALTS: Roast barley, oats

Harviestoun - Old Engine Oil

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