Name:                Gruff (MHD 09.03.21)

Alkoholgehalt:     6,8 %

Bierstil:               Maibock

Einheit:               0,44 l Einwegdose

Brauerei:            Gipsy Hill Brewing Co. (London, England)


"Gruff is a collaboration with Mahr’s Bräu. It’s a Red Maibock that we’ve lagered for 100 days. We picked specific malts from Bamburg and used Mahrs Bräu’s house yeast to deliver a full bodied, complex, malty lager that’s full of depth and character.
This beer is the start of our 100 day Lager programme. It’s a celebration that will showcase the quality, tradition and complex flavours of the style.
Jayde Perkin is our featured illustrator for this label as part of our ‘illustrators takeover’ in co-ordination with ELCAF.
Featuring Stephan, head honcho of Mahr’s Bräu."

Gipsy Hill - Gruff

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