Name:                Filungar (MHD 17.08.21)

Alkoholgehalt:     5,5 %

Bierstil:               Kveik IPA

Einheit:               0,44l Einwegdose

Brauerei:            The Gipsy Hill Brewing Co. / Left Handed Giant Brewing (England)


Filungar was originally a collaboration with Vault City.

It’s an IPA fermented through with a traditional Norwegian Kviek yeast. This Voss strain ferments hot and kicks out bags of fruity orange and citrus esters.

It’s been liberally hopped with Denali, El Dorado and Citra for good measure.

Goes well with strong winds and stronger ships.

Featuring Johnny, master of mixed ferm at Vault City.

Gipsy Hill - Filungar

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