Name:                Faro (MHD 28.05.21)

Alkoholgehalt:     5,0 %

Bierstil:               Lambic

Einheit:               0,33 l Mehrwegflasche

Brauerei:            Brouwerij Boon (Lembeek, Belgien)


Faro Boon is a specialty based on old lambic beer and driven to which we add spices and sugar candy. This makes Boon Faro a sweeter and lighter version of lambic, as the alcohol content is just 5%. This lower alcohol lambic beer is the easiest to enjoy at any occasion. The candy sugar gives it a very delicate flavour. Faro is a popular Boon lambic beer, tasty and unpretentious. Kick back and enjoy it with friends.

Brouwerij Boon - Faro

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