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Brasserie Saint Sylvestre

A family independent brewery since 1920. Located in French Flanders, in Saint-Sylvestre-Cappel, 3 MONTS Brewery is a family independent brewery since 1920. The name 3 MONTS comes from the Cassel, Cats, and Récollets hills, an outstanding feature of the local landscape. Passed from father to son since 1920, the brewery today produces beers that evoke the richness of the land and the legendary flemish conviviality. Proud of its origins and heritage, the brewery strives to promote Flemish culture beyond its borders, transmitting values of: • Strength of character • Conviviality • Generosity. We brew in the tradition since 4 generations Whereas in 1900, there were more than 220 breweries in French Flanders, and only one to date: 3 MONTS brewery: this is the last historical and still active brewery in the region. Created in 1920 by Rémi Ricour, 3 MONTS brewery continues the tradition with ancestral recipes and methods while modernizing its production tool to meet the growing demand. Brands of 3 MONTS Brewery: • 3 MONTS > Specialty Beers • HOUTHAKKER > HPA Beers • DU MOULIN > Light beers Local product – International fame Consumed everywhere in France and in some countries of the world, 3 MONTS brewery aims to preserve the brewing knowledge of the region and to promote the wealth of this French Flanders area by offering its beers to many. Our beers are distributed in large to mid surfaces and on tap in some Cafes, Hotels, Restaurants.

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